Lulea Summer Biennial 2007

June 2007 I participated in Lulea Summer Biennial 2007 in Sweden. A significant international art exhibition, at the top of Europe, when the sun never sets. The biennial is made up of two parts:
the construction period from June 11 to June 19 and the exhibition from June 20 to August 19.

Lulea Summer Biennial
Kilen Art Group
Kronan H 5
974 42 LULEA

My artwork was titled Love and Hate wood and engines 2 x 4 x 2 m
It's a sculptural construction records personal emotions and experience aiming at self understanding, as much and as clearly as possible. The fear that the things around you can escape your control makes you safeguard in your own way. Therefore it is a fight for retractions, classification and reformation to give the world the form that you want in order to grab all the various incidents and make it more digestible to you. The three axels represent the sex, the emotions and the mind.
See a Youtube video

Love and Hate
Lulea Summer Biennial
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