head The Twirling Head
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Welcome to my web page!!

I live, since summer 1989, between two places. Athens and Rhodes. In Rhodes I'm working as portrait painter with people that are there for holidays.

In my studios that I retain in both places, I bring off artworks that come out from my steady soul searching that are giving birth to by my brain.

I was studying in Athens Shcool of Fine Art, painting with Dimitris Mitaras as teacher and sculpture with Georgos Lappas. I was attended classes in stage design with Georgos Ziakas. I took part in many group exhibitions and I have done 6 solo exhibitions in Athens.

In my struggle to harmonize the relationship with my body and myself, as much as possible, and the relationship with the others and the environment, I was attending african dance lessons (1991 - 1993) with Maria Mentez and body-contact with Terese Van Dame (1997 - 2003).

My relationship with the motion is contradictory and strong therefore, it is always present in my artworks. Many times, I vacillate between motion and immobility, between solitude and company, introversion and extroversion.


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